°2 - 14.five oz. Chicken broth cans
°2-three massive carrots, peeled and reduce into cubes
°four medium grains, peeled and reduce into small cubes
°1 tsp. onion powder
°2 small heads of broccoli (washed and reduce into small cubes)
°three tbsp. butter
°flour cup
°3½ - four cups milk
°four cups shredded cheddar cheese
°1 tsp. salt
°½ tsp. garlic pepper
°6 slices bacon, cooked and minced


In a massive bowl, integrate hen broth, carrots, potatoes, and onion powder.
Bring the mixture to a boil, cowl and simmer for 10 minutes.
Adding broccoli, cowl also simmer for a further 10 min.
While it's miles boiling, soften the butter in a massive saucepan.
Whisk withinside the flour and cook for some other minute (or till golden brown).
Whisk withinside the milk and simmer for some other five minutes, till the sauce thickens.
Add cheese and stir till melted.
Add salt, pepper and garlic.
Pour the cheese sauce into the massive saucepan and toss till nicely combined.
Add extra milk for a thinner consistency if you want a thinner soup, and upload any more salt and pepper needed.

Top with bacon portions and serve warm!!!