°4 warm dog
°four strings of cheddar cheese
°1 packet Pillsbury pizza dough
°1 can of warm pepper (15 ounces)
°1/4 cup melted butter
°1 teaspoon garlic powder
°1 teaspoon parsley

 *Directions :

Preheat oven to 375 F
Pour the chili right into a 6 x 10 or 7 x eleven pan. Remove the cheese from the casings and reduce in 1/2 of lengthwise. Sit aside.
Opening pizza dough container & roll it out. Cut the dough into four equal parts. Take a warm canine and a sandwich with  facets of cheddar cheese. Starting at one give up of the dough strip, start rolling the package deal in dough, overlaying the whole period of the recent canine with dough. Place in skillet with chili, seam aspect down.
When the 4 ingredients are complete, bake withinside the oven for 20-25 mins or till the dough is ready and golden brown on top.
Combine garlic and parsley with melted butter and brush the floor of the hot canine with garlic butter.